Wild Child is a sensory art play space that is located in The Co.

208 Queen Street. Chatham, ON

I met Jess through a friend of mine. I loved her ideas and approach not only to her work but also to life. She is a conqueror, an individual and an all-around wonderful person!

I enjoy telling people that I live my life Perfectly Imperfect and Jess shows us that our idea of beautiful neat crafts can be reinvented. We can go back to when we first enjoyed the art … the squishy paint between our fingers, bright colours, making a mess, different textures and sensations. It is interactive, free from restrictions and the best art play you can give your child. 


Just an aside – my Favourite thing she does is a baby doll art play.

It’s as weird and awesome as you can imagine

They paint the dolls, and when they are done making a mess, she lets the kids bathe them and they can start all over again! Where was this when my kids were younger?! This would have been an amazing way to entertain them For Hours! The best part of all of this – Jess Cleans it all up in her space!!

Any child that has sensory issues (or doesn’t have – it’s open to anyone!!) will have open-ended play and lots of opportunity to immerse themselves in the art without being worried that it is going to turn out ‘wrong’. It’s a fantastic way to allow your children to be creative and enjoy the entire multi-sensory process.

If you are up for some messy creative play with your children. Go to Wild Child.

Every creation there is unscripted, unique and beautiful.

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  1. Well written and insightful. Thanks for having the courage to be transparent and open about your life …. the good, bad and real stuff. May this result in encouraging other who are walking a similar path. Its takes a village to raise a child, may we all be part of that village.


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