Beginning The Journey

6 week course.

This is an essential course for all parents that are starting down the road of parenting an autistic child. From learning about autism and neuro-diversity, advocating, navigating resources to organizing the paperwork. This will help clarify, empower and surround you with other parents that are also walking this path. We meet once a week for approximately 2 hours and each session is paired with invaluable resources.

*this course can be offered individually or in a group setting

Individual Coaching

45 min/bi-weekly

Having your child diagnosed with autism is a huge turning point in the parenting journey for most people. Sometimes it feels like there is no one in your circle that can truly understand what is going on.

I do.

I am here for you. I can help you pivot, we can walk through your emotions and chart a positive way forward that helps you feel empowered and positive in this journey.

Janessa is available for speaking engagements. Please contact One Red Zebra for details.