Next Step Course:

The goal of this course is to help parents view this journey in a positive way, helping you feel more in control and confident about parenting and the future. It is here to help you recognize and celebrate your child’s strength and individuality. It gives you a core group of other individuals who are walking the same journey that you can lean on for support. One Red Zebra is here to help you clarify and work through what is next after a diagnosis of Autism.

Personalized Coaching:

One on One coaching is an amazing way to reclaim your confidence and define goals for you, your family and your child.

A few potential outcomes when you use me as your coach:

  • Recognize and claim your uniqueness and resilience
  • Learn to become empowered to speak your truth and encourage your child to do the same
  • Take the time to define and process your emotions about the diagnosis
  • Discover positive and fulfilling ways to navigate your journey as a parent to a Neurodiverse child
  • Learn to shift your perspective and embrace this life.
  • Define goals for you, your family and your child and start taking action with them.
  • Discover new ways to connect and appreciate your child: learning how to create a positive, creative environment for them. Building up their strengths, strengthening your bond, helping them and you reach full potential.

Regardless of which path you take I am so happy to help you recognize and empower you as the incredible parent you know you are! I am excited to meet you and start.

Contact ONE RED ZEBRA to set up your appointment


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