Cascades of information. Website after website with more and more information that crashes over you. There are moments you can feel like you are drowning with the overload of ‘helpful’ sites and yet, with all the information its hard to sometimes know what to do with it and how to implement it.

I found the following websites helpful, they are by no means the only ones of their kind but none of us have the time or mental capacity to surf through the entire web to find Everything! These are the ones that through out the years I’ve found to be the best. Please do yourself a favour. Just scan them right now. When you have a moment to yourself then go more in depth one at a time. Don’t be a hero – don’t try to supernaturally absorb all this information at once…. 🙂 take your time!

1. P4P Planning Network

P4P Network sets out to help parents and caregivers answer the question “Who will love and protect our sons and daughters with a disability when we no longer can?” With resources and printables to help with transitions, community involvement, finances and more, this network helps you to navigate each stage.

2. Parents Helping Parents

While this organization is all the way in San Jose CA, their online resources are wonderful. They have a large e-learning library that covers almost every topic you could ask about!

3. Autism Canada

Advocating for and supporting Canadians with Autism and their families. You will find plenty of information about the diagnosis process, co-occurring conditions, navigating services and treatments on here. This is a Large website with plenty of information. Bookmark this site and take your time going through everything, there is a lot.

4. Ontario’s Autism Parenting Guide

An entire kit that covers every topic imaginable, 200+ pages. Grab that coffee, print this off, this is a resource you will be using for a long time!

5. Learning Disability Association of Canada

The Learning Disability Association of Canada has a vision that all people with learning disabilities have equal opportunity to reach their potential and thrive within their communities. Their mission is to build awareness about LD’s and to empower those living with them to achiever their goals. On their site you will find articles, research and a free newsletter plus links to local chapters. It’s a good starting place for some basic information.

6. Learning Disability Association of Ontario

This site is very similar to the Canada one. The newsletters are more localized to Ontario and so is their information. As with above there are articles, links, video resources, links to scholarships and courses to purchase.

7. ABC’s of Mental Health

A Great resource for both parents and teachers. They have behaviour maps that quickly outline specific behaviours and words that you will need to use in your searches. They have chapters that go in-depth into each topic, and they highlight what is appropriate for each age or if it’s a sign that you may want to seek help. They also cover best responses and practical suggestions for further action.

8. AbilityOnline

A social media platform for young people with disabilities to connect with each other and the world around them. You must register and parents Must give consent. It’s a pretty cool site for kids!

9. Steps for Justice

Ok. This has NOTHING to do with special needs. It is, however, a Great resource that helps you understand Ontario Law. With step by step advice and links to what you need to do next, this site walks you through some of the most common legal problems. It is easy to follow, practical and I feel that most of us should just read through to be more aware of the law! Especially when they have so kindly laid it out for us 🙂

10. The International Dyslexia Association (Ontario Chapter)

Promoting literacy through research, education, and advocacy. This website offers workshops, documentaries and so much more. It’s a great resource for parents who have children with Dyslexia.

11. LD@home

Mission Statement: To provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services and to advance the full participation of children youth and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society.

Here you will find links to articles and videos, as well as podcasts and webinars. The information is quite straightforward. It’s a good starting site if your child has been diagnosed with a Learning Disability.

12. NEADS National Educational Association of Disabled Students

NEADS offers information about financial aid, skill training resources for students with disabilities, conducts research, as well as, holds regular events to provide resources and skill development to students with disabilities.

13. Ottawa Network for Education

Free online resources and videos explaining and teaching about Assistive Technology. It contains links for K-12, transition and postsecondary sections. I found it Extremely helpful to read as you are going into a teacher meeting, IEP’s or when a device is being suggested for your child.

14. Ontario Ministry of Education (special Education)

Grab a coffee – not wine. You are going to NEED that dose of caffeine and a clear mind. This is a loooooooooooong dry document about Ontario’s special education program. Everything you will need, and it’s not a stimulating read.

15. Teacher’s Gateway to Special Education

I LOVE this site. It lists all the different teaching strategies and accommodations that could possibly be implemented in the classroom. It is the COLE’S notes of the Ministry of Education website. It’s easy to navigate and the language is easy to understand.

16. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

With a mission to educate, guide and inspire parents of children with learning disabilities or ADHD. This site is both educational and encouraging.

17. The Yale Centre for Dyslexia and Creativity

This site contains articles about bullying, a talking guide and tips for students. The site stays up to date with success stories, research and news and even contains a toolkit for parents and educators.

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