I am Janessa, a mother to three amazing children, 2 dogs and to a fluffy orange cat who recently lost his best buddy – Prince Eric the bunny.

They snuggled – it was pretty adorable

I fell in love with coaching years ago when I realized how positive and empowering coaching truly is. I love walking away from a session with clarity; wrapped up in a feeling of confidence and strength, which is something I love to share with others.

Parenting is something we all think we are prepared for, until it happens. Each child is individual and how we parent them reflects that.

When you parent a child with different abilities, there are different challenges, emotions and perspectives that are completely unique to you.

Over 9 years ago my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism. At the time, I did everything I was told to do. I enlisted therapists, got on long wait lists and quietly died inside as each day became more stressful than the next. Sensory meltdowns could last over an hour. Doors were punched and kicked so hard that the hinges gave way, he was self harming and household stress was piling on. My family and friends had no concept of Autism, no one understood me or my son, no one understood the journey we were on. It felt like one thing after another was crashing over our family and I was drowning. I didn’t have time to surface to breath and my son was right there beside me, struggling and I didn’t know how to help him.

Between trying to parent on my own, research therapies and navigate my emotions… I was drained and conflicted. There was all this research. Research that was telling me my son was broken, when all I could see how whole he was. People and advocates that talked about curing Autism when really it is a part of him. It makes him who he is and how could I ever wish that part of him away. Language that made him seem less, parenting groups that only spoke of the negative. I felt dragged down and hopeless while all at the same time I just wanted to parent and love my beautiful son.

If you look up parent coaches or autism coaching you will find pages of people who talk about helping your family overcome autism.

I am not that person.

When you have gotten the diagnosis of autism and you have dropped to your knees. When you are struggling to reconcile mourning the loss of Your dream and trying to pivot to see this new journey in a positive way so you can love and see your child for who they truly are: a whole, beautiful, unique child that has something equally unique to offer this world.

This is what I would love to offer you.

As life is hectic and crazy, as you are wondering how to understand and parent a diagnoses When you feel unsupported, alone and indecive …. I would love to coach you.

I would love you to become that incredible parent you already know you are.

First we will walk through the emotions of the diagnosis together, then we will work towards goals of understanding your child’s uniqueness and learning how to celebrate it rather than constantly look at it as a disability.

Let me help you

Recognize and claim your uniqueness and resilience.

Learn to become empowered to speak your truth and encourage your child to do the same

Discover positive and fulfilling ways to navigate your journey as a parent to a Neurodiverse child.

Learn to shift your perspective and embrace this life.

Discover new ways to connect and appreciate your chil. Learning how to create a positive creative environment for the to be able to feel loved and secure in exactly who they are so they can reach their full potential and you can feel and be the same.

No matter where you are in this world you cannot do it alone. You also can not do it by hiding from the truth. You cannot be a great parent if you aren’t honest about the moments that bring us to our knees and we all experience those. By accepting those moments, we allow space in our lives to see the joy. When we let go of what we consider success and happiness and look to each child individually – allowing them to grow – not hindered by what we want for them but giving them freedom and confidence to be Themselves, you will experience a child who is strong in your love, confident in you as a parent and one who will thrive. You will feel stronger in your choices, happier and enjoy your children and the moments you have with them.

One Red Zebra is about celebrating individuality, viewing differences in a positive light and navigating all the emotions that come with this journey.

I am excited to meet you!